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The Legal Way To Change Your Current Name.

Changing Your Name - Every year thousands of people in the UK change their legal name by Deed Poll. A Deed Poll is a legal document used to declare your new name and renounce your old one. Anybody in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can change their name as long as it is not for fraudulent for deceptive purposes. Deed Poll Legal have been issuing an official deed poll for the last 8 years. We now operate on the internet. When you use our service your Deed Poll could be with you in 24 hours. For full details about the Deed Poll and our services Please look at the FAQ's and look around the website.

Our Approved Deed Poll Is Accepted By All The Agencies Including:


  • The UK Passport Service (identity and passport service)
  • DVLA
  • All Major Banks
  • The Health Service
  • Tax and revenue Offices
  • Benefit Agencies



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