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Road Traffic Accident (RTA) – AYB-Accident Claim Compensation Specialists
AYB Law is a committed team of “Accident Claim Solicitors” to advise you on how to make an accident claim if you had been involved in an accident on the road, either as a driver or a passenger and you had suffered an injury.

Even if you were a passenger on a bus or a tram you may still be entitled for an accident claim. Call AYB Law Solicitors Today and we can advise you if you can make a claim then help you to recover the MAXIMUM accident claim compensation.

Accidents At Work
Accident Claim Solicitors can help you with any sort of injury whilst you are at work, our team of accident claim solicitors will be able to help you to claim accident claim compensation. We can help you with anything from a back injury from lifting heavy items to falling over at work due to a hazard on the floor. If your injury is due to faulty machinery or inadequate safety equipment our team of accident claim solicitors want to hear from you. Call AYB Law- Accident Claim Solicitors and get MAXIMUM compensation!

Trips Or Slips
If you have fallen over in the street or slipped on a wet floor in a shop we can help you with your claim. Even if you are out clubbing with friends and you fall over in a nightclub on spilled drinks or a slippery floor we could still help you. Call AYB Law Solicitors and get MAXIMUM Accident Claim Compensation!